Hi! I'm Raghav Thakar

I love robotics, automation, and anything else that expands human capability. I am currently a Robotics PhD student in the AADI Lab advised by Dr Kagan Tumer at Oregon State University, with a research focus on multi-agent systems and reinforcement learning.

Previously, I was a research intern at MOON Lab, IISER Bhopal, under the supervision of Dr. Sujit PB where my work revolved around developing creative techniques for improving autonomy in teams of marine vessels. I was also a Mitacs Globalink Research Intern at MARS Lab, Ontario Tech University under the supervision of Dr. Scott Nokleby, and a part of Project MANAS.

Personal Projects

Swarm Distribution

How do we distribute agents in a swarm of heterogeneous robots across across several diverse tasks?


Carriers is a decentralised navigation and formation system for drone teams that uses the Token Ring algorithm to form consensus.

RRT Waypoint Navigation

Give a drone a list of waypoints, and it passes through all of them in an environment with obstacles.


A prototype for a hardware-based braille reader that uses OCR to identify text and physically actuates a braille pad.


An automatic storage and retrieval system (ASRS) built using the Shakti processor for the Swadeshi Microprocessor Challenge.


Multi-robot space exploration using Herbert's and Peano's space-filling curves.