What is this?

Shelfy is an Automatic Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS) built for the Swadeshi Microprocessor Challenge. Our team of five friends received Rs. 100,000 from the Govt. of India to develop a functional MVP (Minimum Viable Product) for the national semi-final of the challenge. I was responsible for designing the mechanical assembly of the machine. I manufactured 3 iterations of Shelfy over the course of roughly 2 months.

The quick demo video below shows the physical assembly and capabilities of Shelfy. It is the version that was demoed at the Semi-Final stage of the challenge. I also designed and programmed the storage and retrieval routines of Shelfy.

The video below was an intermediate progress review that we submitted. It demonstrates the capabilities of Shelfy with an earlier version of the hardware assembly. Shelfy can scan QR codes to identify items in the inventory, log their locations on a shelf, and automatically store/move/retrieve them as per the user's requirements.

Here is a link to view a 3D model of the Z-axis movement that actuates a small tray to lift and place objects on shelves.

Most of the parts needed to assemble Shelfy can be bought from stores, with only one 3D printed component (the tray). This greatly improves the ease of manufacturing and brings down the cost of putting together the machine. It also makes Shelfy adaptable, being easy to modify to fit a variety of load/speed requirements.